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Have you ever heard of the Forest of Burzee? I imagine not for it was so long ago that our Great Great Grandfathers could scarcely have heard mention of it! But it was here that a new born babe, all chubby and pink was found by the wood nymph Necile. She so loved the babe and gave him the name ‘Claus’ meaning little one. Ak the Great Woodman, who ruled over all the earths forests allowed Necile to keep the child and so it came to be that Claus grew up amongst the immortals of Burzee. He helped the Ryls paint the flowers – for it was their job to fill the forest with colour. He spent many happy hours tending the beasts of the forest whose guardians were the Knooks. He never realised he was any different to the immortal fairy creatures he played with – in fact all he noticed was that as he grew taller and older they stayed exactly the same. Immortals will never age you see but Claus did. Many years later Ak returned to Burzee and saw for himself how Claus had grown into a happy and friendly young man. He decided Claus must now know of his origins and Ak showed him the world of Mankind. Some of what Claus saw pleased him – but the thing that touched him most was the little children and so after saying a fond farewell to his forest home he took his rightful place in society and vowed to make the world a happier place for its children. He made himself at home on the edge of Laughing Valley and it was here he made his first toy – a small wooden cat. Once he saw the pleasure this gave the children he set about making more and more. Sadly for Claus, and as in all good stories, there is always someone who wants to spoil things. Claus’s enemies came in the form of the Awgwas – a miserable bunch of creatures determined to cause misery and pain. Poor Claus and his forest family must battle against King Awgwa and his cronies to ensure his work is not ruined. And so from his humble beginnings as the only human child in an enchanted forest we follow him to his ultimate destiny as the immortal being who delivers toys to the children of the world – Santa Claus! How did Santa make his first toys? How did he come to ride with the Reindeers? How does he still – after all these years -manage to bring happiness throughout the world? Adapted for the stage by Debra James with exciting new music by Andy Collyer THE LIFE AND ADVENTURES OF SANTA CLAUS is a feel good must see musical for the whole family – especially those who want to recapture the childlike essence of Christmas!

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