Blinds Or Curtains, What to Choose For Your Windows?

Interior furnishing of house is as important as the exterior furnishing. If you decorate outside of the house in an impressive manner and ignore the interiors then any visitor will be impressed at first, but later that impression will go down after looking at the interior decoration. Windows are an important part of home. You will find no house without any windows. Therefore, it is important to decorate them also. Today, you will find many different options to dress your window, windows curtains and window blinds are two of them that are commonly used and most liked choices.

Windows are essential as they let fresh air to come in but it is important to cover them. Using window blinds and window curtains depends on different reasons. Both have their own advantages and disadvantages. You will find both having different uses over each other. Curtains need to be washed regularly, so you have the option of using different colored curtains, one that will match the rest of home furnishings. Blinds are easy to wipe and you do not have to wash them or change them.

The wrong perception that many people have is that blinds are used for offices only and curtains for houses.

The choice of window blinds or window curtains depends on many things some of which are:

Purpose of the room: If you are confused about using a curtain or blind in your bedroom then let me help you with it. In your bedroom, you would want less brightness and light. So, go for blinds that can easily block outside light from coming inside. For your kitchen, you can go for curtain, as they will let a lot of natural sunlight to come inside which is very much necessary while cooking.

Decor of the room: Decoration and beauty of the room is very important. The decision of using window blinds or window curtains must be such that it enhances the beauty of your house. If the design of your house blinds and curtains is somewhat like the olden period or of Victorian style then curtains are the best. You can choose curtains with bright color and large design. However, if you have painted your house with light and subtle colors then you want to give it a modern look. If you like to give a modern and trendy touch to your house then go for blinds. The choice depends on how you want your home decor.

Window treatments: If you want, your windows to look like a splash of color and an array of design then curtains are your obvious choice. You can choose curtains with colorful designs. Some people prefer for functional window dressing and want it to be simple with minimum dressing, for those people blinds are the right choice.

Health and durability: If you have an asthma patient in your house then you better go for curtains. Blinds easily attract dust and trap it in them. Therefore, you will have to clean them everyday and that is not a happy thing to do. Curtains on the other side are light and have to be cleaned only once in a week. However, if you want durable and long lasting window dressings then opt for blinds that last longer than curtains.

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