How to Be an Inspirational Manager – Simple Steps to Success

Does it take charisma to be an inspirational leader? Does it take a talent you are born with? As the great Vince Lombari said,How to Be an Inspirational Manager – Simple Steps to Success Articles “Great Leaders aren’t born, they are made with hard work.” An inspirational manager motivates his employees because he follows simple repeatable steps and follows them consistently. First of all, a manager needs to respect his team and let them know the importance of their work matters through his words and his actions. Secondly, an inspirational manager publicly acknowledges the contributions of each of his employees individually. Thirdly, he treats each individual as a valuable person who has goals and needs beyond his job. Any manager who follows these simple steps sincerely will inspire a more motivated and productive team.

The first thing an inspirational manager should do is communicate to his team why each of their matters and how it fits into the organizations goal. He needs to do this with enthusiasm and energy. He needs to let every employee know that he respects what they do and appreciates it.

Next, the inspirational manager looks for ways to praise employees for their work publicly. He needs to convey his praise where co-workers can hear and to his managers and superiors in the company.

A manager is only as successful as his team. The inspirational leader needs to pitch in to help the team succeed. Whatever isĀ lifeandyou needed should be provided. He needs to eliminate any roadblocks his team has in the way to success. Truly serving his team with enthusiasm will make his employees reach their highest levels of productivity.

Lastly, a manager needs to create opportunities for growth. He needs to understand each individual’s goals and dreams. If employees feel stifled and unable to progress in their careers their productivity will suffer. Some may not wish to advance, but many will need this opportunity for advancement. Find out what they want by simply asking. Get to know them, so you can support them.

Can it really be this simple? It can if you attack these concepts with enthusiasm. An inspirational manager treats his employees with respect, sincerely praises them at every opportunity and creates opportunities for growth and advancement. Be genuine and consistently follow these steps and you will be surprised how quickly you become an inspirational manager.

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